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From Concept to Prototype, Your End-To-End Engineering Needs

Design engineering is the process by which conceptualized ideas for products and services become a reality. Through the use of computer aided design (CAD) services, professional design engineers help innovators and business owners conceptualize and create useful, operational, and marketable products.

At The Hendey Group, our Design and Engineering Services team assists with industrial design services, technical drawing services, engineering, prototyping, 3D modeling, and product development to help you bring a high quality product to market.

Engineering Prototype Design and 3D Modeling

Prototyping is a design engineering process that uses computerized 3D modeling and sometimes physical product samples to create a working version of your design. Rather than going straight from design to full production, prototyping allows you to test your concept for functionality and usefulness.

Two types of prototypes are used in design services: computerized 3D modeling and physical prototypes. 3D modeling allows you to see your design in full, run computerized diagnostics and testing, and make any adjustments in real time without any material costs. Physical prototyping creates a physical version of the product, which can be operated as intended, allowing you to run tests and diagnostics. However, physical prototypes are more expensive and time-consuming, as you must pay for the materials and manufacturing costs. In addition, any adjustments to the design require additional time, material, and fabrication costs.

The Design and Engineering division of The Hendey Group offers la carte services including:

Technical Drawings

We provide Industrial Design, Illustrations, and Engineering Drawings, essential to communicating your ideas.

Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping

By using multiple techniques, we can quickly fabricate a scale model quickly mocking up the future state of ideas.

Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Engineering concerned with the understanding of applications and procedures in manufacturing processes and production methods.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design

Designing products used by people around the world every day, focusing not only on the appearance of a product, but also on how it functions, it is manufactured, and the experience it provides for users.

Project Management

Project Management

Project Management provides the skills to initiate, plan, execute, control and close the work of your team to achieve your goals and meet your success criteria.


Case Study AlGalCo for Hydrogen On Tap

Transform the previous 4.0 prototype into a manufacturable, cost-effective, and user-friendly product that can be deployed in volume to vehicle fleets.

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Erupt Fishing

Case Study Erupt Fishing Portfolio

Developing a proof-of-concept that performed the desired function in a simple, cost effective method and in a manufacturable design.

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Rebound Table

Case Study Play Life Nation's "Rebound Table" Project

The project was originally started to allow a foot bag, or hacky sack bounce in order for players to exchange or volley the foot bag to each other from one coming rebound surface.

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Engineering Design Considerations

The Development Team at The Hendey Group will help you view your project from multiple angles and ask questions you haven’t considered before. We can help ask and find answers to many unknowns including the following.
Beam finite element analysis

Does this design concept truly solve the problem it says it does?

We encourage our customers to view the project from a functional perspective, and determine whether the design concept you have in mind will solve the problem for which it was created.

Has this design been done before?

When you are looking to solve a problem encountered by others in your industry, there is always the possibility that someone has created the same design before. Thoroughly research current products and patents in your industry and adjacent industries to ensure you aren’t duplicating a previous creation.

Will your product concept cost more than the market will pay?

Consider the cost-benefit ratio of your product. If you are using expensive materials or labor-intensive manufacturing processes, you may find that the product costs more than you will make from it. Take some time to research the potential market value of your idea by determining the amount people will be willing to pay for the product, how many customers you can rely on to purchase the product, and the frequency of purchases. All of this will help you figure out whether your product will turn a profit.

Which (if any) product features are absolutely must-haves?

Although you may be in love with your design concept, products must often be tweaked or redesigned to perform as desired. Explain which parts of your concept must remain to aid the design engineers in helping you create a working product that meets your expectations and the application requirements. To ascertain which features you should prioritize, market testing with a high-fidelity prototype or focus groups will give you valuable insight into the needs and wants of your target demographic.

What patents have or should be filed?

As previously mentioned, duplicate ideas and designs are common. For this reason, it is important to protect your original ideas and designs from duplication by other inventors. Make sure to contact a patent attorney to determine whether your concept should be patented.

Who will manufacture your product after it has been designed and engineered?

Although it can be tempting to leap into the design phase, it is equally important to consider who will manufacture the product once you’ve completed your design, prototyping, and testing phases. The manufacturer, methods, and materials all affect the viability and profitability of your final product.

How committed are you to finance or find financing for your project?

Whether you are an individual, small company, or large corporation, you want to ensure you have the support and funding you need to see your project through to completion. As any business owner knows, you have to spend money to make money, and a new product design is no exception. Work out a step-by-step plan and budget for the design, testing, production, and introduction of your product to keep investors and finance departments up-to-date and comfortable with your project.

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